Apart from annual national holidays, history scarcely invokes events by the dates on which they occurred, but September 11 immediately joined the Fifth of November and the Ides of March as a day that would forever live in infamy.

Photography is never more important than in documenting our history.  It is easy to forget places, things and events in the fast paced world that we live in; our fellow photographers often risk their lives to capture some of the most iconic photo’s from our past.  These photo’s are a constant reminder to everyone to never forget the events of our existence, the things that shape us and define us as human beings.

This month, newspapers, magazines and blogs will commemorate the anniversary of that harrowing day. Some will be personal and introspective, others will invoke history’s long arc as you take a photographic trip down the memory lane back to that September morning.  These photo’s remind me exactly where I was, what I was doing and how I felt as if that day were yesterday.  Here are some of the most iconic photo’s taken by professional photographers, amateurs and cell phone camera’s from that tragic day.

[none of these shots were taken by me.]

17337307plane-tower2s02_2H469523 biot594photoa 106sept-11-iconic-images_dayhwtc-9_11



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