Instagram just rolled out their new video service this week allowing users to upload up to 15 seconds of video as well as the ability to add filters.  Now, the big question in the tech world is “Will Instagram’s new video service kill Vine?”  As an avid user of Vine I was curious and decided to compare Instagram’s new video service as soon as it rolled out.


Instagram’s new video service works much like it’s image service.  There are a few things taken from Vine such as the ability to start and stop video recording by holding the record button for as long as you want to record video.  That being said, there are actually more differences than similarities when comparing the two. I created a list below to show the features Instagram and Vine have in common and the ones that differ.


So what do all these differences mean for you and me?  I personally will still be using Vine because of it’s simplicity.  That’s not to say I won’t EVER use Instagram’s video service, but Vine was created by Twitter and Instagram is owned by Facebook and I have always hated the direction Facebook has been heading.  It’s bloated with games, ads, app recommendations and every thought anyone you ever knew or don’t know has.  It’s only a matter of time before your Instagram feed has one ad, then two, then video ads.  My other concern is the same one I have with Facebook, nonsense posts.  Now with video, not only will you have to scroll through pictures of your friends cats and Chinese food, but you’ll have to watch 15 seconds of it.

Vine’s simplicity forces you to be creative with your videos just like Twitter’s 140 characters forces you to really think about what you want to say.  I think 6 seconds is the perfect amount of time to get your point across or do something creative.  I feel 15 seconds is just way to long and all you’re going to get is a video with 11 seconds of your friend yelling at their dog to do a trick and then 4 seconds of their dog actually doing the trick, all in a 70’s retro filter.  With Vine, I also like that I can create videos and I don’t have to post them, I can just save them to my camera roll.


Overall, Instagram’s new video service isn’t a bad thing, lots of people are going to be using it and it does do a lot of things well. What Instagram lack’s in creative ability with 15 seconds videos and it’s quirky touch and hold record button that is constantly telling you ‘Press and Hold to Record’ while you’re trying to do Stop Motion, it makes up for with great filters and a fairly simple interface. Where Vine really shines is it’s pure simplicity, creative user base and Twitter’s track record of not bloating your feed and app with garbage.

Both Instagram and Vine are Free on iPhone and Android.  Follow me on Vine: www.vine://user/933511614878081024 and Instagram: www.instagram.com/martinmoorejr


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