Overgram came up with a pretty neat little chart showing the history of photography and how a process that used to take eight hours now takes just seconds.

All though I don’t think anyone questions if photography is dead, but a huge part of the art of photography is most certainly dead. Only a handful of companies and people develop film and its a little sad to see that aspect of photography fade into the past. I remember not that long ago developing my own pictures in a dark room in high school. Check out the chart below.



One thought on “IS PHOTOGRAPHY DEAD?

  1. Photography is far from dead, its just… developing! There’s a growing trend in discovering old Russian cameras, like the Zorki , Fed, and the Kiev, with the Zorki using the same lens mount (M39 /L39 ) as the Leica, and looking like a “poor man’s Leica” you can discover the joys of vintage rangefinders without breaking the bank! I picked up 2 Zorki-4’s for around £40 each, both have Jupiter 8 lenses in (50mm/f2) come original case, and with a little TLC will look very good indeed! You can buy refurbished ones at for around £90 and at LomographyLondon shop the Zorki refurb is £175! and a FED is £200! admittedly, you can root out bargains on the web, but it illustrates that cameras and lens that were dismissed by the purists as junk, have found new admirers via the retro apps on the iphone. I’ve gotten the bug again ( I used to use an OM-1, Yashica J rangefinder, Yashica D MFormat TLR before digital took over) and returned to film to inform my digital snapping, and even bought a trio of prime manual lenses to use on my Canon DSLR via mounts ( a Nikon 50mm 1.8 E, Soligor 28mm 2.8, and a Mamiya Sekor 135 2.8f) all for around the same price as the cheapest DSLR AF Prime, and they are all solid, metal, not plastic.
    I think Digital photography has given film a continued lease of life by making us look back at these great old school cameras that are built like tanks, and are things of beauty and design, modern camera’s such as the FUJI X100, X10, Ex-1 X-Pro all give vintage rangefinders a nod of appreciation in their design, solid metal bodies and retro styling that ooze quality.
    Photography is far from dead, just search the web, it’s there, very much alive!

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