As a photographer I fear nothing more than losing all my pictures.  That’s why my photo’s are backed up, backed up again and backed up one more time.  But what happens if you don’t have the chance to back them up?  Last month I shot a wedding in New Orleans and left my camera bag on the plane which contained all my camera equipment, but more importantly all the SD cards which contained the bride and grooms entire wedding.  Luckily  one of the people I was traveling with came up to me as we were de-bording and said ‘hey, forget something?’  My stomach sank.

Now I’m not trying to compare my story with what happened to a couple in New Zealand last year by any means, but, I wanted to share their story because sometimes we don’t realize how import photography is, and how important the photos we take through out our lives can be, until they are gone forever.  In this case though, I wouldn’t trade my life for my photo’s any day.

On February 22, 2011 Christchurch, New Zealand was rocked with a 6.3 magnitude earthquake in which 185 people were killed and caused billions of dollars of damage.  18 months later a couple has recovered pictures from a camera that they thought was destroyed in the quake.  The couple had just returned home from their honeymoon the day  the earthquake hit.  While they were evacuating their home they lost track of the the camera that contained roughly 2.5GB of pictures taken at their wedding and on their honeymoon. They assumed that if there camera wasn’t buried forever it would at least have been washed away by the floods.

Last week, they found the crushed camera in their driveway way in pieces, but amazingly the 4GB Adata SD card looked to be remained in tact.  They removed the card, cleaned it and got their computer to read all the files.  They were able to recover all of the 2.5GB of pictures. With tragedy there is always hope and triumph and what happened to the the people and community from Christchurch, New Zealand was terrible, but at least one couple has a happy ending and their memories were not lost forever.


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