STEVE JOBS 1955-2011

Henry Ford… Leonardo Da Vinci… Walt Disney…  Many people have left their footprint on this world, few have literally changed it.  Steve Jobs now sits with the greatest inventors and creators of our human existence.  Steve Jobs’ ability to know what we wanted before we did was astounding.  His attention to detail and aesthetics cannot be matched.  The products Steve Jobs and Apple have given us over the years are works of art, and they have fundamentally changed our lives.

Almost everything I create uses a product pioneered by Steve Jobs in one way or another.  My iPhone, iMac, MacBook, AirPort Base Station, Aperture 3.  All of these things I use to communicate and create whether it’s recording music for my band, editing photos or staying connected with clients.  Apple makes my life easier because as Steve Jobs always said ‘It Just Works.’  But it wasn’t just Steve Jobs’ ability to make products that ‘just work,’ it was how he made you feel excited to spend your money or feel like a kid again at Christmas unboxing your new iPhone or iPad.  With Apple, you really feel as though you’re part of the company, you’re part of something bigger than just a new gadget. The products Steve Jobs created, at least for me, are the only things I own where I feel like someone actually gave a damn about how it was going to make my life easier, and if it doesn’t, what can they do so it does.

Steve Jobs’ attention to customer satisfaction is remarkable as well.  Whether it’s sending out a personal email to customer, or having Apple give you 10 free iTunes songs for a billing mistake or in my case replacing my broken 27” Dual Core iMac with a brand new Quad Core for free, the loyalty Apple shows to their customers all stems from Steve Jobs’ vision and direction.  Steve Jobs may very well be the most important, intrepid and profound CEO in the past 100 years.  He has changed the way we listen to music, the way we interact with each other and he has made it easier for people like me to create just as he did.  Steve Jobs is truly one of a kind and a rare human being.  He will be missed, but never forgotten.


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